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9/22-9/26 2014 ***Sunday September 21, 2014 Minnesota Speculative… - Dan Goodman's journal
September 27th, 2014
02:19 pm


9/22-9/26 2014

***Sunday September 21, 2014 Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers. Scott Lynch spoke and answered questions.

Most interesting to me: the convoluted series of accidents which resulted in his first publication(s).

***Tuesday September 23, 2014. From World Building community on Google Plus:

" We are manufacturer & Exporter of stainless steel Handrail & balustrade and Architectural Hardware products from India.
We would be happy to supply customised product and OEM as per requirement of the client."

***Thursday September 25, 2014. Snow White and the Seven Satyrs. One is named Gropy, another Squeezy. But what are their other names?

Adult Children [of alcoholic and otherwise dysfunctional families] Anonymous meeting.

***Friday September 26. 2014. To Community Emergency Service for their produce giveaway. Brought bags for others to use, as I've done the last few times. Also a wounded briefcase, and a laundry basket.

A little girl was pushed a stroller around. I pretended to sit down in it, for her to push me around.

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