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May 2-3 2015 - Dan Goodman's journal
May 16th, 2015
01:29 pm


May 2-3 2015
Friday May 1, 2015 Saw an American Indian parade.

***At Steeple People Thrift Store, saw The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Mysteries. Dickens characters as mammoths might be interesting; alas, that's not what this book contained. I read part of one story, "The Death of Little Nell." In this re-imagining, Little Nell was a long way from being an innocent girl; and the death people thought she had died was faked.

Other books of this kind include Pride and Promiscuity, which purports to contain the sex scenes edited out of Jane Austen's fiction. I don't understand the appeal of such reworkings.

***Saturday May 2, 2015 Rivendell Group of the Tolkien Society meeting at Southwest Library. Topic: Ruth Berman's translations of fairy tales from 1722: Louise Cavelier Lesque, "The Prince of the Aquamarines" and "The Invisible Prince."

I'm used to the meeting room being crowded; but this time, only four of us showed up.

The reading of part of the book was followed by discussion of, among other things, translation difficulties in finding the right words.

***Mnstf meeting hosted by Jonathan Adams and Carol Kennedy.

***Sunday May 3, 2015 Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers. First, a smaller group discussed world/future building; including critiquing one story section.

The main meeting's topic was "Critters." That is, nonhumans; mostly intelligent ones.

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