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No, They Won't Get It Right - Dan Goodman's journal
May 7th, 2016
03:33 pm


No, They Won't Get It Right
No, They Won't Get It Right

I asked what mistakes historical fiction writers will make about our time. Someone replied that they won't make mistakes, because there will be too much information available.

Yes, but will they use the information?

"I don't have to look that it up; I know the answer."

There's a fantasy story in which it's snowing for Christmas in every city in the world; including Honolulu. A weather/climate expert says -"It never snows in Hawaii."-

It does snow in Hawaii, though only at altitudes considerably above Honolulu's. This information is readily available; and an expert would be aware of it.

A science fiction novel set in the US, by a Canadian writer, has the American President listing organizations which can help deal with The Big Problem. Among them: "...the Scouts, the Guides...."

The writer was unaware that in the US, the female counterpart of the Boy Scouts is called Girl Scouts rather than Girl Guides.

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