Dan Goodman's journal - February 14th, 2005

February 14th, 2005

February 14th, 2005
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Science Press Release Synopses
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php; the full press releases can be reached from there.
Public Release: 13-Feb-2005
Nature Medicine
UCLA scientists transform HIV into cancer-seeking missile
Camouflaging an impotent AIDS virus in new clothes enables it to hunt down metastasized cancer cells in living mice, reports a UCLA AIDS Institute study in the Feb. 13 online edition of Nature Medicine. The scientists added the protein that makes fireflies glow to the virus in order to track its journey from the bloodstream to new tumors in the animals' lungs.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH/National Cancer Institute

Public Release: 13-Feb-2005
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Do opposites attract or do birds of a feather flock together?
Do people tend to select romantic partners that are similar to them or opposite to them? Researchers at the University of Iowa find that people tend to marry those who are similar in attitudes, religion and values. However, it is similarity in personality that appears to be more important in having a happy marriage.

Public Release: 14-Feb-2005
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Chemical analysis of mushrooms shows their nutritional benefits
An analysis of previously uncharted chemical contents, mostly carbohydrates, in U.S.-consumed mushrooms shows that these fruity edible bodies of fungi could be tailored into dietary plans to help fill various nutritional needs.
Mushroom Council, California Dried Plum Board

Public Release: 14-Feb-2005
Stimuli and desire linked to help stroke patients
Once-paralyzed stroke victims are regaining arm and hand functions thanks to an innovative treatment developed by University of Toronto and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute researchers.
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Physicians' Services Incorporated Foundation, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Public Release: 14-Feb-2005
Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
U of T researchers describe 'Joe Canadian' tongue
New imaging research about tongue shape and volume before and after surgery should ultimately help surgeons decide how to best reconstruct tongue defects resulting from cancer surgery, says a team of researchers at the University of Toronto.
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Public Release: 14-Feb-2005
Journal of the American Dietetic Association
Herb used to treat diabetes works like modern-day prescription drugs, study suggests
An herb used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diabetes seems to lower blood sugar and insulin levels in a manner similar to prescription drugs, a new study reports. Researchers gave extracts of the herb Salacia oblonga to 39 healthy adults, and the results were promising. The largest dose of the herb extract – 1,000 milligrams – decreased insulin and blood glucose levels by 29 and 23 percent, respectively.
Abbot Laboratories

Public Release: 14-Feb-2005
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
U of T researcher links schizophrenia, gene mutations
The supersensitivity to dopamine that is characteristic of schizophrenia can be caused by mutations to a wide variety of genes, rather than alterations to just two or three specific genes, says a University of Toronto researcher.
Ontario Mental Health Foundation, National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse, Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation, Others

Public Release: 14-Feb-2005
Archives of Internal Medicine
Changing trends in herbal supplement use
After a rise in the popularity of dietary supplements in the 1990s, their use seems to have plateaued, although exposure may continue to increase with the addition of herbal supplements to mainstream multivitamin products, according to an article in the February 14 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

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Another Day in the Ketchup Mine
Monday February 14, 2005. Dream: Staying out of the war wasn't an option. And I couldn't figure out what side was likely to win; it might be one not presently involved, or a realignment of existing groups.

Waking up was a relief.

***A title which popped into my head: "The Girl With the Blood-Red Mind."

By now, I have the opening and the seeds of two characters. I know it's a mystery story, and the detective is a synesthete. It's probably set in Minneapolis, probably involves genealogy.

***To Steeple People thrift shop, which is having a clothing bag sale. Then across Lyndale Avenue to the Wedge co-op.
Iraq poll results here: http://www.zogby.com/
Vancouver Anarchists
Anarchy Meetup Group No. 14
We have not discussed our identity. None of us has a clue how any other member interprets their perceptions of this group. Nearly every member has chosen not to participate.
Founded Oct 8, 2002
Writing: "Dreams Do Kill Themselves" --
A Choice of Ruins --

Other -- "The Girl With the Blood-Red Mind." I've set down the title, the beginning of an initial dialog, and a few notes.

Self-help information:

Decluttering: Defrosted the refrigerator, for the first time in a while. Trash bagged. Trash taken out.

Sure it's fiction. But many Turks see fact in anti-US novel.
Fiction or not, the tale of future war with US stirs Turks. By Yigal Schleifer
From http://arxiv.org:
astro-ph/0502237 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :
Title: The axis of evil
Authors: Kate Land, Joao Magueijo

We examine previous claims for a preferred axis at $(b,l)\approx (60,-100)$ in the cosmic radiation anisotropy, by generalizing the concept of multipole planarity to any shape preference (a concept we define mathematically). Contrary to earlier claims, we find that the amount of power concentrated in planar modes for $\ell=2,3$ is not inconsistent with isotropy and Gaussianity. The multipoles' alignment, however, is indeed anomalous, and extends up to $\ell=5$ rejecting statistical isotropy with a probability in excess of 99.9%. There is also an uncanny correlation of azimuthal phases between $\ell=3$ and $\ell=5$. We are unable to blame these effects on foreground contamination or large-scale systematic errors. We show how this reappraisal may be crucial in identifying the theoretical model behind the anomaly.

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