Dan Goodman's journal - March 23rd, 2006

March 23rd, 2006

March 23rd, 2006
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Happy Birthday, kchew!!

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Wednesday March 22, 2006. From the marginalrevtion LiveJournal feed:

"Larry Summers' Half-Eaten Dinner Roll for Sale on eBay


"Dare I call this Markets in Everything? Thanks to Mitch Berkson for the pointer. It just went for $12.50, 22 bids, and yes you get the zip-loc bag too."

Larry Summers was president of Harvard University. He's best known for suggesting that innate gender differences might be the reason there are more male than female scientists.
Sick. Spent most of the day sleeping or resting.
Self-help information:

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12:24 pm


From http://eurekalert.org:

Public Release: 23-Mar-2006
Towards a new test of general relativity?
Scientists funded by the European Space Agency have measured the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field for the first time in a laboratory. Under certain special conditions the effect is much larger than expected from general relativity and could help physicists to make a significant step towards the long-sought-after quantum theory of gravity.

Public Release: 23-Mar-2006
What happened to the antimatter? Fermilab's DZero experiment finds clues in quick-change meson
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have announced that their data on the properties of a subatomic particle, the B_s meson ("B sub s"), suggest that the particle oscillates between matter and antimatter in one of nature's fastest rapid-fire processes-more than 17 trillion times per second. Their findings may affect the current view of matter-antimatter asymmetry, and might also offer a first glimpse of the contributions of new physics, such as supersymmetry, to particle physics.
Department of Energy

Public Release: 23-Mar-2006
Journal of Small Business Management
Honor among businesses: Corporations are becoming more ethical
Study suggests that the ethical environment of corporate America is improving.

Public Release: 23-Mar-2006
Family Relations
Caring emotions may overcome drug addictions in new parent therapy program
Mothers who focus on improving the emotional quality of their relationships with children may also be lessening their preoccupation with drugs.

Public Release: 23-Mar-2006
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
Reduced insulin in the brain triggers Alzheimer's degeneration
By depleting insulin and its related proteins in the brain, researchers at Rhode Island Hospital and Brown Medical School have replicated the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
National Institutes of Health

Public Release: 22-Mar-2006
Seminars in Perinatology
Typical pregnancy is now only 39 weeks
The most common length of pregnancy in the United States is now 39 weeks, a week shorter than the traditional definition of a full-term pregnancy, according to a new analysis by the March of Dimes published this month in a special supplement of the journal Seminars in Perinatology.
March of Dimes

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The candidate's a dodger, a well-known dodger
From http://politicalwire.com:
"According to the new Diageo/Hotline poll [http://diageohotlinepoll.com/06_Mar_Pressrelease.pdf, Republican voters are split in their support of Rudy Giuliani (R) and Sen. John McCain for president in 2008, 'with Bush supporters preferring Giuliani and Republicans who disapprove of Bush preferring McCain.'

"In a head-to-head presidential primary match-up, McCain and Giuliani are statistically tied (42% Giuliani, 40% McCain), but Bush supporters back Giuliani 45% to 38%, while Republicans who disapprove of Bush prefer McCain 51% to 34%."

Guiliani has usually been well left of Bush, while McCain has been close to Bush on many issues.

But that may change. "These are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others." Groucho Marx (attributed).

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09:59 pm


From cakmpls: If you see this, please put an anti-war song in your journal. Amendment: Or a pro-war song.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Duty's way is plain;
Slay your Christian neighbors, or by them be slain,
Pulpiteers are spouting effervescent swill,
God above is calling you to rob and rape and kill,
All your acts are sanctified by the Lamb on high;
If you love the Holy Ghost, go murder, pray and die.

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11:14 pm


I have stockings of silk, and shoes of human leather
Thursday March 23, 2006. To keep his wife faithful, the hero designs a germ which will immediately kill any other man who screws her (he's made himself immune, of course). That's in Theodore Sturgeon's "The Wages of Synergy" -- the one Sturgeon stories I actively dislike.

Today, I found myself thinking of other ways that idea could be used. 1) The woman is delighted to have her lovers die. No more problems explaining she doesn't like second dates, for one thing. For another, it gives her a feeling of power. 2) She hires out as a hit woman.

My brain is back to normal.

***John has aleph-one socks. If aleph-null socks are lost in the laundry, how many pairs of socks does John have?

None -- no two of them match.

At Steeple People thrift shop, I bought several pairs of socks.

Across the street to the Wedge. Used the ATM; bought some cheese and some fruit.
Writing: "The Far Cousins" -- Realized it wasn't much of a stretch for Diana to be the legendary leader of the Wild Hunt. Changed some notes accordingly.

Self-help information: Put info for South Minneapolis Clutterers Anonymous on line in a few places.

Decluttering: Trash out.


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