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Sunday December 8, 2013. A telepath is investigating the mind of… - Dan Goodman's journal
December 9th, 2013
01:37 pm


Sunday December 8, 2013. A telepath is investigating the mind of someone with very strong synesthesia (synaesthesia.) From John Brunner, The Whole Man:

"...Howson found himself on the top of a dizzying slide, lost his grip, and went headlong, skidding and slipping into a vast uncharted jungle of interlocked sensory experiences.

"...Howson had experience of minds with limited audio-vision -- those of people to whom musical sounds called up associated colors or pictures -- but compared to what went on in Rudi's mind that was puerile.

"...Images presented themselves: a voice/velvet/a kitten's claws scratching/purple/ripe fruit -- a ship's siren/fog/steel/yellowish-gray/cold/insecurity/sense of loss and emptiness -- a common chord of C major struck on a piano/childhood/wood/black and white overlaid with bright gold/hate/something burning/tightness about the forehead/shame/stiffness in the wrists/liquidity/roundness..."

Rudi Allef has been unable to convey his artistic visions to an audience, frustrating him to the point of trying to kill himself. Later on, with the help of Gerry Howson, another telepath, and another artist, he becomes able to do so.

My synesthesia is nowhere near this strong. However, I do want to communicate aspects of it to an audience. And so far I haven't been able to.

I'm not remotely frustrated enough to consider suicide; a good thing, since I don't know any helpful telepaths.

My preferred medium is printed words (or the electronic equivalent.)

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