Dan Goodman (dsgood) wrote,
Dan Goodman

I'm now settled in at the new place. (687 5th St E, St. Paul, MN 55106)

I'm not giving the full story; there were intersecting soap operas, not all as believable as TV soap operas.

Capsule description of one character: the kind of person who cheats at solitaire and comes in third. And an Irish saying: "He's such a liar, you can't even believe the opposite of what he says."

The new place is up a couple flights of stairs, and the last flight is steep. I mostly consider this an advantage, since I can use the exercise. But it does make moving stuff in the wrong kind of interesting.

Thanks to the Green Line light rail, some places in Minneapolis are easier to reach than when I lived in Minneapolis. And various stores along the Green Line in both St. Paul and Minneapolsi are more convenient to reach than stores near where I now live.

****Books Read include: Ann Leckie, Ancillary Sword. If you want something different in space opera, this series is for you. The protagonist/narrator used to be a military spaceship with auxiliary human bodies; she's been reduced to one human body. (Note: In Breq's culture, "her" is used for everyone; no distinction between persons with male genitals and persons without.) There is a civil war within the multi-bodied ruler. Breq is on one side, though her loyalty is dubious. After a while, things get strange.

This is the second in a series. The first, Ancillary Justice, I'll read when the 25 or so people ahead of me on the library waitlist are done with it.

***Books Not Read include: James Patterson, The Cradle Will Rock. Two virgins are pregnant; one with the Christ, the other with the Antichrist. And no human knows which is which.
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  • political question

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