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Dan Goodman's journal

March 26th, 2005

March 26th, 2005
12:11 am


Minicon and back again.
Friday March 25, 2005(continued). First Minicon panel attended: Wee Folk, Good Folk. Panelists included Terry Pratchett (author Guest of Honor), Ruth Berman (Moderator), Katya Reimann, Nicole Bourgoin, Richard Tatge and Doug Wickstrom.

Terry Pratchett's account of belief in such things among nuclear engineers was almost worth the cost of my Minicon membership. He and other panelists contributed a lot more good stuff.

Fiction brought up during the discussion included James Blish's "Surface Tension" (miniature humans living in a shallow pool, making a journey of discovery to the nearest other pool); The Borrowers, Mistress Masham's Repose, the Moomintroll books, and several books by some guy named Pratchett.

Ones not mentioned which I think could have been: Henry Kuttner's "Housing Problem." Poul Anderson's "The Hidden Folk," in which the little people are humans on an extrasolar planet.

Of course, they couldn't cover everything in one hour. For example, taking just stuff I've read about: In one Scandinavian legend, the Hidden Folk are Christians. However, their Bible only contains the Old Testament. They're unfallen, and therefore don't need the New Testament. (Yes, this conflicts with various other European legends. And I have doubts about it being theologically sound.) And there's the 1930's anthropological study of a rural Irish community in which the Gentry were morphing into ghosts.

I didn't make any of the rest of the programming. Walked around, hung out in the consuite. Almost completed USA Today's crossword puzzle -- the long words/phrases were the names of movie actors who had played Jesus, and that's not something I know much about.

Someone I didn't know decided to tell me about some anime. A fluke -- the ones he talked about sounded interesting to me.

I left fairly early. The first day of a con usually wears me out quickly.
Writing: Nothing except some speculation about "conscience dogs": dogs with enhanced intelligence as helpers for ethically handicapped persons.

Self-help information:

Decluttering: Some trash out.


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