April 5th, 2005

Another Day in the Ketchup Mine

Tuesday April 5, 2005. The T'ai Chi class didn't work out. The Skyway Senior Center refunded my money.

Rough summary: It had become an ongoing class; the regulars didn't want to be slowed down by newcomers who needed the basics explained. (The person who'd taken my application hadn't known that, apparently.)

What was worked out: I would try the class, and if I could keep up without special attention from the instructor, I would continue.

I'm going to try figuring out my own exercise routines, rather than taking classes.

***At the downtown Barnes & Noble, I found Asimov's sf magazine. It hasn't been available at Dreamhaven or Uncle Hugo's, or at the Uptown Borders. (Magazine distribution in Minneapolis has gotten bad enough that it might be difficult to find TV Guide.) I haven't missed it or Analog enough to subscribe.

Preliminary report on the April/May issue: I like the way Sheila Williams runs it better than the way Gardner Dozois did. I'm not sure how different the story mix is from what Dozois would've used; for all I know, all the stories could be ones he bought.

***On to Aldi. Large eggs 65¢ a dozen, down from 75¢ the last time I bought eggs there.

On to Steeple People, where the free box included an sf reference: a couple of very small jars which once held Tiptree preserves. Decided they might be useful as pill bottles.

For those who don't already know Collapse ) and laughed my way out of the depression.
Letter of comment:

'FISH OUT OF WATER 113 Published March 2005 by Marty Helgesen, 11 Lawrence Avenue, Malverne, New York 11565-1406. (Home:516 887-4567; Bus.: 212 650-5871; Bitnet: mnhcc@cunyvm Internet: mnhcc@cunyvm.cuny.edu) for APA-L 2081. Also available on request.

'Phil Castora MERRIE MALADIES Yes, the phrase "believe in" can be ambiguous, but in many cases the intended meaning is clear from context. Dan Goodman once mentioned seeing an opinion survey (probably one of those "test yourself" surveys that appear in some magazines) that asked, "Do you believe in marijuana?" Obviously the intended meaning was, "Do you approve of the use of marijuana?" but still the writer was very careless.'

As I recall, it was for a computer dating service.

And I found myself reminded of this George Orwell quote: "He was an embittered atheist, the sort of atheist who does not so much disbelieve in God as personally dislike Him."

'CT John Hertz: I saw Rick O'Shay for a while, but never even heard of Latigo.'

I saw Latigo. What I remember about it is cowboys trading Biblical quotations, rather more often than was probably the case in real life.

For more information on these and many other cartoons (in various media), see http://www.toonpedia.com.
Writing: "Dreams Do Kill Themselves" -- Another conversation taken from the previous draft. Mostly the same, but the protagonist sounds less like a jerk. Not too much less; he considers abrasiveness necessary when talking to certain people.

Self-help information: Revised the South Minneapolis Clutterers Anonymous flier. Posted it at http://decluttering.blogspot.com, sent it to alt.recovery.clutter, alt.recovery, and the Decluttr list.

Decluttering: Some trash picked up.


Bodywork: The T'ai Chi class; unsuccessful as it was for me, I still got a good workout.