December 2nd, 2005

Thursday, My Love!

Thursday December 1, 2005. "It is a little-known fact, I'm afraid, that, in a series of speeches extending over a period of years, President Bush has articulated his policy vision more consistently and more eloquently than any President since Lincoln."
Most of the books which show up on the gutenbergupdate LiveJournal feed are ones I can easily live without. However, today I downloaded these:

Greek and Roman Ghost Stories by Lacy Collison-Morley

Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts by Frank Richard Stockton
Bought a few things at Steeple People thrift shop, including What's What: A visual glossary of everyday objects -- from paper clips to passenger ships. Riginald Bragonier, Jr. and David Fisher, eds. Ballantine, 1982. (Latest edition seems to be this: What's what, a visual glossary of the physical world Bragonier, Reginald pub date: 3-Jun-05 publisher: Hammond pages: 565 format: Hardcover ISBN: 843733292 sku: 331591)

Across Lyndale Avenue to the Wedge. Bought a monthly bus pass and a couple of small food items.

On to the Rainbow Foods in Uptown. Eighteen large eggs were cheaper than a dozen.

On to Dreamhaven Books. Bought Elizabeth Bear's ( Worldwired.

Email: Electronic version of Einblatt! (Mnstf newsletter).

Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop.

SFFW roster updates. Which also includes this: "We ... have copies of the OUTLINES, SYNOPSES, PROPOSALS THAT SOLD series of booklets that SFFW published several years ago. If anyone is interested, please email Kathleen at or for ordering information. (We originally sold them for $2.50 each, and $9.00 for 4 booklets, but we're offering them now for half those prices--as long as supplies last.)"

Writing: "The Girl With the Bloodred Mind" (mystery short story) -- First draft completed; will need to look it over tomorrow. Deadline: November 30, for LinkOnline critiquing; it's going to be late.

Self-help information:

Science stuff

From the livescience LiveJournal feed:
Two former caretakers who refused to bare their breasts to a 300-pound, sign-language-speaking gorilla named Koko have settled a lawsuit against the Gorilla Foundation.
From EurekAlert
Public Release: 2-Dec-2005
Journal of Physiology
Feeling old?
Muscle in adults is constantly being built and broken down. As young adults we keep the two processes in balance, but when we age breakdown starts to win. However, adding the amino acid leucine to the diet of old individuals can set things straight again. This is the finding of research performed by Lydie Combaret, Dominique Dardevet and colleagues at the Human Nutrition Research Centre of Auvergne, INRA, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Public Release: 2-Dec-2005
American Journal of Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins study suggests link between caffeine dependence and family history of alcoholism
A study led by Johns Hopkins investigators has shown that women with a serious caffeine habit and a family history of alcohol abuse are more likely to ignore advice to stop using caffeine during pregnancy. Withdrawal symptoms, functional impairment and craving were cited by the women as reasons they could not cut out or cut back on caffeine use.
NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH/National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

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Friday December 2, 2005. USA Today had some pictures from Absurd and Amusing Signs from Around the World. My favorite: "Torture Chamber Unsuitable For Wheelchair Users."

***To Pillsbury House, which was getting crowded with Christmas decorations. Did data entry for the Community Barter Network and Pillsbury House's volunteer program.

From there to Uncle Hugo's sf bookstore, which is having a 10% off sale.

On to Kaplan Brothers work-clothes store; my first time there. Learned that there are now work pants which have cell phone pockets.

***Email: Ad from Aldi, new items. Included: Buffalo Style Popcorn Shrimp. Not to be confused with popcorn shrimp caught in Lake Erie, and processed in Buffalo NY.

Writing: "The Girl With the Bloodred Mind" (mystery) -- finished, but I need to look it over once more. Deadline: November 30, for LinkOnline critiquing. May be up to four days late.

"Getting Synesthesia Write" (nonfiction) -- Deadline: Probably around the end of December.

A Choice of Ruins (crosstime opera) -- No deadline, but it's been uncompleted for several years now and I want to get it moving again.

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