February 19th, 2006

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Saturday February 18, 2006. A French actress named Eva Green will be the next Bond Girl. "Green" is not a typical French surname. This didn't exactly shock me; not long ago, the official in charge of defending the French language from furrin words was Jack Lang. But I was curious.

According to the Internet Movie Data, she got the name from her Swedish father. But "green" isn't a Swedish word.

As a byproduct of my search, I now know where to find a Genoese translation of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil:
Minneapolis was warmer today; got up to 10 F (-12 C).

Around the corner to Southwest Senior Center, to pick up Fare For All food. A lot of frozen chicken, this time.
Most important thing to happen today:

On rec.arts.sf.composition, Patricia C. Wrede wrote about her theory that there are three kinds of writers: Natural short-story writers, natural novelists, and the few who write naturally at both lengths.

To which I replied:

I suspect there are at least two other kinds: 1) Natural inbetween-length writers and 2) Natural several-books-long-story writers.

Pause for "Aha!" moment: I thought of the possibility of natural script writers, who would have to write scripts and then turn them into stories.

And then it occurred to me that my notes/outlines/very-first-drafts are rather scriptlike.

And I was _so_ sure that I didn't need to read anything about script-writing, because I was unlikely to learn anything useful...
Writing: "Not Your Father's Dream" -- I got the last bit needed for the ending.

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Sunday February 19, 2006. The Twin Cities Speculative Fiction Network had a Kaffee Klatch with Naomi Kritzer (naomikritzer on LiveJournal). Anyone who can write while raising two small children has my admiration.

Venue: Chicago Deli, Chicago Ave. S. and 48th St., Minneapolis.

I got there early. Rather than go inside, I looked around the neighborhood. It's a good one for Sword and Sorcery writers; the Minnesota Sword Club and Amazon Bookstore were nearby.

Still some time left. I went into Sovereign Grounds coffee house. About half the space was dedicated to the play area. The woman at the counter carried a baby on her back. This was not what coffee houses were like in the 1960s.

I ended up getting to the Kaffee Klatch a bit late.

Naomi did a good job of passing on useful experience. (Some of which I'm not likely to use; I don't have to deal with the effect of pregnancy on writing, for example.)

***Afterwards, I went to Calhoun Square (which is a building, not square). They have a series of Sunday concerts in winter, and today's was still going on when I arrived.

The cigar store/newsstand puts out free copies of the Sunday Star Tribune and the Sunday New York Times for these concerts. I picked up a copy of the latter, mostly out of nostalgia.

Saturday, I'd realized that my fiction outlines/first drafts/zero drafts were rather like scripts. Today I went to Borders and looked for books on script writing. There were several on screenwriting, one old one on plays. I didn't get any of them.
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