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May 28th, 2006 - Dan Goodman's journal

May 28th, 2006

May 28th, 2006
11:00 pm


From the languagehat LiveJournal feed:


Matt of No-sword has posted about a website that purports to give lessons in the reconstructed Japanese of the Jōmon period (or Joumon, as Matt prefers to call it). Apparently there's controversy over whether the Jomon people even spoke Japanese, but as Matt says, it's "cool to hear this stuff spoken instead of just read it on a page." The example sentence Matt gives is 私は赤い着物が好きです。 (aba akaki kOrOmObO kOnOmibumu, 'I like red clothes'); you can hear it spoken here (mpg file).

I commented that I looked forward to a similar website for Proto-World.

For those not familiar with "Proto-World," it's the language ancestral to all current and historical human languages. Some linguists are certain they've been able to reconstruct much of its vocabulary and grammar. Other linguists have doubts, to put it mildly. For one view of Proto-World, see http://www.zompist.com/proto.html

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