August 20th, 2006

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From the Christian Science Monitor:

Montenegro: Country for sale
After ending its union with Serbia, Montenegro's land is a hot commodity. By Beth Kampschror
From the new_scientist LiveJournal feed:

Single gene turns fruit flies into fighters
Careful breeding turns normal fruit flies into super aggressive warriors with an extended portfolio of nasty moves

Can taxation curb obesity?
Food and drinks high in sugar should be taxed just like cigarettes, say those who believe it is the only way to battle the growing global problem

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Sunday August 20, 2006. LiveJournaler Samuel Pepys is 343 years and eleven days late chronicling his life. In his time, many things took longer to accomplish than would be the case during much of the 20th century. Travel was slower; laundry took a ghastly amount of time.

Some things can be done much faster now than during most of the 20th century. Want to know how bad traffic is right now in any American city? The information is on the Net. Farmers in Asia and Africa can find out what their export crops are selling for in wealthier countries -- and, of more practical value, who's likely to give them the best price for their crops.

And in the future, it will be faster to ___?
Went with Pat Craft to the Lake Harriet Bandshell.

Walking from where Pat had parked, we saw a fisherman who had brought along a statue of an owl.

Performing: Calvary Choir. Christian music, rather jazzy. Unfortunately, after a while it all sounded the same. So we left early, and went to the Peace Garden.

The Peace Garden is a rock garden (sort of; it wasn't all rocky). It has some plants which I wouldn't have thought would do well in this climate; prickly pears, for example.

On to the Roberts Bird Sanctuary. I didn't see any birds, though I heard some. But it's for birds, not for people. And there were interesting plants; for example, I now know what one kind of nightshade looks like.

The boggier parts of the paths were covered with long plastic(?) mats. After a while, I noticed they were made by Aggressive Industries, Inc.
Self-help information:

Decluttering: Took out a large amount of trash.

Selfwork: Did rather more walking than usual.