August 3rd, 2007

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From's newsletter:

An Australian judge has ruled against a man who has been refusing to hand over a $250,000 vintage plane he sold on the online auction site. In a case that reached the NSW Supreme Court, Peter Smythe sued Vin Thomas after he changed his mind on the sale of a 1946 World War II Wirraway plane after the eBay auction had ended. Acting judge Nigel Rein ruled against Thomas and ordered him to hand over the plane for the agreed amount.
<> [SMH]

A Washington-area teenager faces up to a year in jail and a $2,5000 fine after she filmed a 20 second clip of the film Stormtroopers to show her brother. The National Association of Theatre Owners says there must be a zero-tolerance policy for theatre recordings.
<> [Washington Post]

Major League Baseball has entered into a revenue-sharing agreement with StubHub, an online market owned by eBay that acts as a middleman in the resale of tickets to entertainment events. Under the five-year deal, all 30 baseball team Web sites and will direct fans who want to sell their tickets or buy tickets from other fans to StubHub.

Public Release: 3-Aug-2007
Psychological Science
The matrix of autism
Autistic children are doubly stigmatized. On the one hand, they are often dismissed as "low functioning" or mentally retarded, especially if they have poor speaking skills as many do. But when they display exceptional visual discrimination or memory for detail, they are dubbed "savants." New research in Psychological Science is discovering the level and nature of autistic intelligence.

Public Release: 3-Aug-2007
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance
UI spatial cognition research explains explorers' limited ability to navigate
Historical reports suggest that when Magellan, Columbus and other explorers sailed from Europe to the New World 500 years ago, they navigated the open sea by imagining an island just over the horizon. If they kept track of where the "virtual island" was, they knew in which direction to sail in the open water. But new research from the University of Iowa suggests that people's ability to imagine virtual islands -- without any perceptual cues to help -- is quite limited.

Public Release: 3-Aug-2007
Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres
European heat waves double in length since 1880
The most accurate measures of European daily temperatures ever indicate that the length of heat waves on the continent has doubled and the frequency of extremely hot days has nearly tripled in the past century. The new data shows that many previous assessments of daily summer temperature change underestimated heat wave events in western Europe by approximately 30 percent.
European Environment and Sustainable Development Program, Swiss National Science Foundation, National Center for Excellence in Climate Research

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And this is a surprise?:
Public Release: 2-Aug-2007
Exposure to war crimes may stymie efforts to achieve peace
People who have been traumatized by exposure to war crimes have a tendency to choose violent means and reject nonviolent means to achieve peace, says a joint Tulane University/University of California-Berkeley study in the Aug. 1 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association.
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Sandler Family Supporting Foundation

Public Release: 2-Aug-2007
Iraqi attitudes continue to shift toward secular values
The political values of Iraqis are increasingly secular and nationalistic, according to a series of surveys of nationally representative samples of the population from December 2004 to March 2007.
National Science Foundation

Public Release: 2-Aug-2007
Astrophysical Journal
Planet orbiting a giant red star discovered with Hobby-Eberly telescope
A planet orbiting a giant red star has been discovered by an astronomy team led by Penn State's Alex Wolszczan, who in 1992 discovered the first planets ever found outside our solar system. The new discovery is helping astronomers to understand what will happen to the planets in our solar system when our sun becomes a red-giant star, expanding so much that its surface will reach as far as Earth's orbit.
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Penn State, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, private donors

Public Release: 2-Aug-2007
Analytical Chemistry
Chemical imaging: potential new crime busting tool
A new fingerprinting technique could potentially detect the diet, race and sex of a suspected criminal, according to new research published in the August edition of the journal Analytical Chemistry.

Public Release: 2-Aug-2007
Beyond Mesopotamia: A radical new view of human civilization reported in Science
A radically expanded view of the origin of civilization, extending far beyond Mesopotamia, is reported by journalist Andrew Lawler in the Aug. 3 issue of Science.

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Thursday August 2, 2007. ACA (Adult Children Anonymous) meeting. It inspired me to do some rethinking/re-emotionalizing.
Fred Thompson says things I agree with about eminent domain:
Discussion on Dailykos included this quote, from Augustine of Hippo: "Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are."

I googled for this, and found a very good quotation site: Another quote from Augustine:
"Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity."

Self help information:

Decluttering: Washed dishes. Set out trash.

Selfwork: ACA meeting.